The SOS -Feriendorf Caldonazzo is the International holiday educational center of the SOS Children's Villages. Basis of the educational work of SOS-Feriendorf are the standards of the SOS Children's Villages Education.

Hermann Gmeiner had two basic ideas of the SOS-Feriendorf: a place where children can spend their holiday and a place where they should also gain educative benefits. These two ideas still lead today the pedagogical work of the SOS-Feriendorf.

During their stay, the children are accompanied by the educators of the SOS Children's Village in which they live. SOS Children's Villages participate to the holiday in Caldonazzo with their directors and educators, in order to ensure continuity of education for the children.

The SOS-Feriendorf is conducted and managed by an educational director (Capo Campo), who is also responsible for the educational work of the SOS –Feriendorf staff, and by the management team and administrative team.

SOS-Feriendorf società cooperativa sociale