Work with us

When can I send the application form?

Normally, we receive requests for cooperation already in the winter but as long as we do not have all necessary personnel, we´ll leave this possibility open. Read about the requirements to apply (applications) and contact us via email to get more information (contacts).

Do I need particular certificates or license?

If you want to collaborate in teams that require specific skills you need to have a license or certificate attesting such authorization: lifeguards, activities such as hiking and climbing, first aid. For foreign languages is helpful but not required to attach any language certificates.

I don´t have experiences or knowledge in the pedagogical field. Can I apply anyway?

The activities of the SOS-Feriendorf include many different areas so if you have the requirements you can ask to work in other teams which are not only pedagogical (e.g. communication team if you know foreign languages well or security team if you have the license that enables the work of lifeguard). We will evaluate your experience, knowledge and motivation to understand if a collaboration is possible.

I can´t stay all 6 weeks at the SOS-Feriendorf, is it a problem?

We are particularly interested in applications from coworkers and volunteers who will be able to stay for all 6 weeks in order to ensure continuity of work. However , we´re happy to take into account also people that can remain only the first or the second half of the opening period (dates Caldonazzo).

I´m studying at the university and I would like to do an internship at the SOS-Feriendorf, is it possible?

Yes. You can apply in the same way described on the pages of applications but specify that you would like to do an internship and in which area. At the end of the collaboration we will issue a certificate with the activities done. For specific information please contact us via e-mail (contacts).

How does it work for the board and lodging?

For employees, volunteers or interns selected in the application process, accommodation and living expenses are included and will take place at the campsite at the lake. Coworkers share the accommodation and will gather to eat with the team in which they work. It is also possible to use the beach and participate in activities organized for the personnel during off hours.