Who we are

Europe's largest SOS holiday village - "summer home for up to 1,000 children"

The International SOS-Feriendorf is located directly on Lake Caldonazzo in Northern Italy. The lake is situated in the valley of Valsugana, 20 km south-east of Trento, and is surrounded by mountains and a picturesque setting.

The SOS-Feriendorf is the holiday educational center of the SOS Children's Villages. For over 60 years children from 6 to 15 years old of European SOS Children's Villages have spent here their summer holidays.

The accommodation consist in bungalows and tents at the "Camp on the Lake" or in bungalows in "Camp Via Monterovere" in Caldonazzo, where there is also a large kitchen that provides daily meals for the children and their educators.

The wonderful nature of Valsugana offers to the children and their educators a variety of experiences such as hiking, mountain tours, biking, climbing and outdoor camps.
A private beach allows the children to have a safe and carefree swim in the lake under the supervision of the Lifeguard Team of the SOS-Feriendorf.

A team of qualified and pedagogically trained staff of SOS-Feriendorf offers the children a rich program of activities, workshops and events.
Tailored to the needs of children there are creative, original and colorful leisure and athletic programs. International personalities from the world of culture, sport and business contribute to the activities of the SOS-Feriendorf through their collaboration, creative ideas and performances.