Educational concept

The SOS -Feriendorf in Caldonazzo is a meeting place for children from many European countries. Thanks to the great diversity of languages, cultures and ways of life, the children get to know and understand different realities from the every-day-life. Many find it easy in this environment to develop contacts and relationships.

The educational concept is based on the values of the SOS Children's Villages, on the needs of the children and on the standards of the leisure education.

Purpose of the educational work is to support the SOS Villages and groups during their stay and to organize the recreational activities at the SOS-Feriendorf.
The leisure activities are mainly divided into two sections: creativity and movement. The fundamental aim is to give the children opportunities to have new and exciting experiences.

In the creative area children can operate creatively and get the opportunity to bring their thoughts and feelings in wide variety of forms and to show them.
The movement activities allow the children to train physically in a playful way thanks to the dreamlike landscape around the SOS-Feriendorf and the sports facilities of the Camp.

The recreational activities are organized by experienced and trained staff of the educational team. The SOS-Feriendorf engaged a lot of time and care in the selection of the staff.

The offers and programs have workshops and focus character. The programs are characterized by flexibility, variability, “smart awareness” and competence.

Intercultural and community-building events and offers create a great environment for multicultural encounters. The SOS -Feriendorf is making an important contribution to international understanding.

Please find out more about the creative and movement areas as well as other teams here.
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