Our various TEAMS

SOS-Feriendorf Caldonazzo See: Unsere vielfältigen Teams.

Many different teams work in the SOS Summer Camp Caldonazzo. The most important goal of all teams and employees is to offer the children a beautiful holiday rich of events.


The management team and the administration team in via Monterovere are active all year round in the SOS Summer Camp and take care of all the administrative and organizational tasks associated with the accommodation of such a large number of people. There is a lot of work and it is very various: it is necessary to organize the activities and events, to plan the arrival and departure of the villages/groups, to find and hire the staff, to carry out the evaluation, the ordering of materials, to keep the accounts.

The maintenance team is also active all year round. The entire infrastructure of the Summer Camp, including the park and the sports fields, has to be constantly maintained and renovated. In summer, the maintenance men are available for repairs of all kinds, they prepare the accommodations and the areas for each and every group that arrives at the camp, they are responsible for collecting and removing garbage and support the organizational team and the leisure teams in the logistical and technical preparation of events.

The organization team at the lake (former “Capo Campo office”) is responsible for all organizational aspects of the groups’ stay in the camp: reception of guests, providing all the necessary information regarding the stay in the SOS Summer Camp, collecting food reports, rental of equipment. Dedicated interpreters prepare translations in numerous languages, interpret at events and meetings, and accompany children and adults on hospital trips to ensure optimal communication. The organization of events is also a task of this team, whose leader is the contact person in case of emergencies.

The safety of children and adults in the camp is very important to us: there is a security team, whose day and night watchmen, coordinated by the organization leader, ensure the constant monitoring of the facility and the safety of all guests.

Medical care is also provided; there is a permanent intensive swimming supervision through water rescue, protected zones and a high level of attention when dealing with challenging situations.

The communication team at the Infopoint at the camp at the lake supports all SOS Children’s Villages, groups and guests of the camp with information about activities and events in the camp as well as offers and events in the area of Caldonazzo and throughout Trentino. The communication leader is in constant contact with the groups in order to continuously collect feedback and suggestions for improvement. It promotes intercultural encounters and interactions between groups and has a community-promoting function. The communication team has interpreters who also offer language courses. The internal magazine “Caldo-Weekly” provides entertainment for the children by reporting on offers, events and news. The children themselves write many articles.

SOS-Feriendorf Caldonazzo: Relax im Sommer.

A holiday in Italy also means enjoying delicious meals: in cooperation with the local company RISTO3, we offer balanced meals that include many classic dishes of Italian cuisine, but also international specialties. There is also a vegetarian alternative; food intolerance and special religious menus for participants can be delivered on request.

Great attention is given to the cleaning: the cleaning team takes care several times a day of the toilet and shower facilities of the entire camp, as well as the paths and the beach.

The laundry team offers the groups an excellent free service: children and adults can get their clothes washed and ironed within a short time.


Three teams of qualified and pedagogically trained employees of the SOS Summer Camp offer to the children a rich program of activities in addition to a wide range of offers, workshops and events.

These are:

They offer creative, original and various leisure and sports programs tailored to the needs of the children.
The teams also organize joint events such as festivals in the camp as well as excursions, such as “the riverbed day”.


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